Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

What is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

Interactive Voice Response or IVR may be considered as a much advanced version of the Auto Attendant Message system. While an AAM system operates from within the EPABX as a standalone unit, an IVR is supported by a computer with extensive Computer Telephony Integration and programming. The IVR provides much greater and complex functionality to your telephone system than what an AAM system typically offers. Many of the banks and call centers that need very high level of automated interaction with the customers feature an IVR. With an IVR in place customers can not only reach a particular person or service but they can also actually get the service they need or do the business transaction over the phone. To get a feel of how an IVR functions you may try the customer care center number of any of the leading banks in your locality.

As part of our service portfolio we provide IVR prompts recording, editing in several languages. We use professional voice artists who are native language speakers. Files will be delivered in any required format as individual prompts in a ready to use format (Wave, Ulaw, Alaw, Vox, Audio etc.). An IVR recording can be designed, programmed, installed and tested only by the IVR solution provider. For any further specific questions you may have in this regard do feel free to contact us.

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