Auto Attendant Messages (AAM)

What is an Auto Attendant Message system (AAM)?
When you have an Auto Attendant Message system, without human intervention, the telephone system picks up the call automatically and prompts the caller to follow a sequence of recorded instructions to reach the required person or the service. An Auto Attendant Message system has more of a functional role to play in a corporate scenario. It may sound like this, “Welcome to IBC Advertising. If you know the extension number of the person you wish to speak to, please dial it now, or for a list of extensions you may dial 1, or zero for the operator.”

Why should you have an Auto Attendant Message (AAM)?
In many offices the call volumes are so high that the operator cannot give proper attention to all the calls. In such cases an Auto Attendant Message system can help make sure that all the callers are attended to efficiently, and more importantly no calls are left unanswered.

With an Auto Attendant Message system the frequent callers get the option to bypass the operator and reach the required extension directly without wasting their valuable time.

In some offices the work load may be considerable that it makes sense for the management to use the services of the operator for other jobs such as administration, logistics, attendance etc. An Auto Attendant Message system in such situations can free up the operator to do other critical jobs.

An Auto Attendant Message system can be programmed to provide essential information such as directions to the office, working hours, emergency numbers etc., without the operator having to repeat the same information day after day.

An Auto attendant Message system works even when the office is closed. Be it night time, lunch or any other break, it makes sure that you do not loose even a single call.

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